Become a Member

If you plan on attending our classes and courses regularly you might like to consider becoming a Bodhisattva KBC Member. For $100 per month you can attend as many of our classes and courses as you like. (Please note that off-site retreats & special events are not covered by your subscription, and a 3 month min sign up period applies.)

Start saving & enjoy discounts

Becoming a member is the most economical way to enjoy all of our classes, courses and events. If you attend classes regularly, your membership will represent substantial saving over paying for individual classes. Membership also provides many opportunities to deepen your meditation practice and find lasting solutions to the challenges of daily life.

Support Temples Worldwide

Bodhisattva KBC is a registered not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers and all activities are dedicated to the development of world peace. All profits raised through our events go into the International Temples Project Fund (ITP), an international charity which supports the development of Temples and Centres like Bodhisattva KBC around the world.

Sign up!

Signing up for membership is fast and easy. You can sign up online, over the phone or at the Centre. If you have any questions or would like any additional information please contact the Centre:

Ph:  0477 044 607