Guided by Love

The empowerment of Buddha Maitreya with Teachings on Pure Love · Sun 15 May

Followed by a guided retreat on Becoming Pure at Heart · Sun 22 May

At the empowerment on 15 May, we will receive special blessings and inspiration from Buddha Maitreya, the embodiment of loving kindness of all the Buddhas. Empowered by these blessings we will deepen our experience of loving kindness. Guided by this love we will be inspired to accomplish the real meaning of our life.

At the retreat on 22 May, we will have the opportunity to build familiarity with the actual methods to develop a loving mind, and a powerfully pure heart.

Everybody is welcome to attend both the empowerment and the retreat which will take place online only.

Both events are online live only.

Empowerment: Sun 15 May • 10am-4:30pm (includes breaks for lunch and afternoon tea)  $70

Retreat: Sun 22 May • 10am-1pm (includes break for morning tea) • $50

An empowerment bestows upon us special blessings that heal our mental continuum and awaken our Buddha nature. ~ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

What is an empowerment?

During the empowerment, we will engage in a blissful guided meditation through which we make a deep connection with Buddha Maitreya’s enlightened mind. Through receiving his powerful blessings, we nurture our potential for pure, unconditional love.

The teacher prepares to grant an empowerment by doing a focused retreat to make a strong connection with that Buddha. They then use that special connection to form a bridge between Buddha and us. A special potential to realise attainments is placed at our heart.

The empowerment ceremony itself usually lasts about two hours, and can be seen as a long guided visualisation. There are some prayers and rituals, but the teacher talks us through what is going on and explains what we can feel or imagine. Anyone can come along to enjoy an empowerment – no preparation is needed.

The Teacher

Gen Kelsang Lhachog, the Resident Teacher of Bodhisattva Kadampa Buddhist Centre will give the empowerment, give the teachings and guide the retreat. Gen Lhachog is an inspiring example of modern Buddhism in practice. She presents Buddha’s teachings with beautiful clarity, warmth and sincerity, skilfully guiding people from all walks of life to find inner peace and lasting happiness.