This Life
in Samsara

Buddhism Explained

Sun 17 March

An in-depth Meditation & Buddhism Workshop

Buddhist wisdom enables us to change our life for the better.

We experience all our problems and suffering only because our mind is contaminated by the inner poison of delusions. This is our samsara – and unless we bring it to an end – through building our own wisdom – it will continue without end.

Our life in samsara is continually moving up and down – with thrills and spills, like a rollercoaster. Until we develop wisdom we will never reach our destination of true happiness.

At this workshop, you’ll explore and understand key concepts in Buddhism and how to benefit from them practically:

    • can a modern person believe in past & future lives?
    • what is keeping me in samsara?
    • what does Buddha mean by renunciation?
    • what is the true source of happiness?

Everyone is welcome – however this workshop will be best suited to those with some experience of our weekly classes.

Understand Buddha's language
Apply ancient concepts to daily life
Grow your own wisdom

When & Where


Hear practical Buddhist wisdom applied to modern daily life, and enjoy guided meditations & tips for inner peace. 

Home-made morning tea is provided with a half hour break. 

Seating is on chairs.



Free for Centre Members

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The Teacher

Kelsang Dana will teach this workshop. Dana is the Resident Teacher of Bodhisattva Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Canberra, and has been teaching Buddhist meditation for over 10 years. Through her joyful and loving aspect, she is able to communicate the essential points of meditation and Buddhism in a practical way that makes people feel confident, uplifted and encouraged.

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