Weekly online classes

Join our online meditation classes from home.

Discover practical methods to solve your everyday problems: reduce stress and anxiety, enjoy harmonious interactions with others and create a happy sense of self. Learn how to meditate in a way that is enjoyable and actively builds inner strength, contentment and peace of mind.

٠  Each class includes two guided meditations, and a teaching.
٠  No previous experience required, everybody welcome to join.
٠  Each class is self-contained, join anytime.

We offer a weekly class for people living in Canberra. If you live in Canberra, you can book a class below. For other areas please look up your local Kadampa Meditation Centre.

Learning to let go

So much of what we hold on to in our mind prevents us from enjoying life as fully as we could. By applying simple meditation techniques and understandings from the Buddhist way of life, we can begin to let go of agitation, stress and negativity.

Tuesdays 7–8.15pm  


Wednesdays 7–8.15pm    


Instructions for students to access online classes

Prior to class (please do this well in advance of class start time):
If you are on a mobile device, go to the app store and download ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ app. If you are on a computer, PC or Mac, you will automatically download the software when you get to step 4.

  1. Go to ‘https://www.meditateincanberra.org’ and click on the ‘Online streaming Classes’ page which you can find on the home page.
  2. Select the ‘book now’ button next to the class you wish to attend. You will be transferred to our booking system.
  3. Fill out the booking form and pay for your class. You will receive a booking confirmation via email, which you will need to keep in order to access your class.

15 minutes prior to class start time:

  1. Open your booking confirmation email and note down the class link password
  1. Click on the class link. The class link looks like this example below:

URL 456787958465874 (step 5)

Password 4565 (step 4)

When prompted, enter your first name.

When prompted, enter the four-digit password from your confirmation email (see step 4).

Please note: the link will not show the class on your device until 15 minutes before the class begins. Once the online class starts, you should see an image of our logo on a black screen

If a message comes up saying ‘unable to access microphone’, press OK (do not allow microphone access). Select ‘Call Using Internet Audio’If at any time the ‘unable to access microphone’ message comes up, press OK. Do not select ‘unmute’ at any time during the class. Adjust the volume as you need. Enjoy your class!

Additional note: we will be playing the Liberating Prayer in our classes as usual. This may sound unusual – this is due to the application used, there is nothing wrong with your device – there is no need to adjust, simply wait for the prayer to finish.