Understanding Death & Rebirth series

There is nothing more precious than our human life. Having been born as a human being we have immense freedom to accomplish almost anything we want. With so much freedom, we need to ask ourself what is the most meaningful way to use our life. What will make us truly happy? What will benefit others most? And when this life is over, what will help us then?

In this special series on Life & Death, Gen Kelsang Lhachog will give commentary to Venerable Geshe-la’s book Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully – and explain how its precious wisdom can transform our life, our death, and our future.


Understanding Death & Rebirth

What is our death, and why do we need to contemplate it? On Wednesday nights throughout February, Gen Lhachog will explain the way we die, and the way we take rebirth.

Wednesdays 7.30–9pm (from 2 Feb to 2 Mar)
$15 per class

Facing Death with Peace

Understand how to help ourself and others at the time of death through the profound practice of powa or transference of consciousness.

Wednesdays 7.30–9pm (from 9 Mar to 6 Apr)
$15 per class

A Buddhist Approach to Grief & Loss

How our wisdom pacifies the pain of loss.

Wednesdays 7.30–9pm (from 13 to 27 Apr)
$15 per class

How to Live a Meaningful Life

The five forces that enable us to live well.

Wednesdays 7.30–9pm (from 4 May to 1 Jun)
$15 per class