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Chill and relax

Monday evenings  7–8.15pm (moves to Tuesdays from 20 August)

To eliminate suffering and obtain happiness, the most important thing is to have a good heart.Learn how to improve your ability to love and care for others so that you can have harmonious and lasting relationships, and improve your own sense of peace and happiness at the same time.

Dates: Mondays until 12 August. Moves to Tuesdays from 20 August.  See our calendar of events >>

Venue: Chifley Health and Wellness Hub, 70 Maclaurin Cres, CHIFLEY (corner Maclaurin & Eggleston Cres). Detailed map >>

Class fee: $15

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Current topic: Learn to meditate

Discover the benefits of meditation & how to begin an effective meditation practice.
Learn simple methods to still and quieten the mind.
Learn how to train in mindfulness according to authentic Buddhist sources and use this to its greatest effect.
Learn how we can oppose the various types of distractions that arise in meditation.

Dates: Mondays 5 & 12 August. See our calendar of events >>

Meditation & advice for a happy life

Thursday evenings  7–8.15pm

Designed especially for people of the modern world, these classes combine guided meditation and practical advice from Buddha’s teachings.

Each class has two guided meditations and a short talk. This combination of meditation and essential advice from the Buddhist way of life helps us maintain a peaceful mind and a good heart.

Topics run over several weeks but each class emphasises a different aspect of the topic, so you can come along to any or all of the classes for each topic.

There is no need to book in advance, just drop in any week.

Location:  Chifley Health and Wellness Hub, 70 Maclaurin Crescent, CHIFLEY (corner Maclaurin & Eggleston Crescents).  Detailed map >>

Class fee: $15

What to expect at an evening class >>

Current topic: Transforming difficulties

Challenges and difficulties are an inevitable part of life: but whether they leave you feeling despondent and stuck or whether you can use them to move forward is up to you. Learn Buddhist methods that enable you to transform problems into causes of happiness, improve relationships and create lasting inner peace.

Dates: Thursdays 22 & 29 August; 5, 12 & 19 September. See our calendar of events >>


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