Calendar of events

GP (General Program) – Drop-in classes for everyone:  Chifley >>  Civic >>  Turner >>

FP (Foundation Program)Advanced, structured study program >>

WE (Weekend Event)Half- or one-day special topic class >>

PJ (Puja) – Prayers

July 2019

1MonChill & RelaxGP
2TueGP - TurnerGP
4ThurGP - ChifleyGP
5FriWishfulfilling Jewel (7pm)PJ
6SatLiberation from Sorrow (4pm)PJ
7SunStudy ProgramFP
8MonLiberation from Sorrow (6pm)PJ
8MonChill & RelaxGP
9TueGP - TurnerGP
10WedOffering to the Spiritual Guide (7pm)GP
11ThurGP - ChifleyGP
12FriWishfulfilling Jewel (7pm)PJ
13SatOvercoming Fear & AnxietyWE
14SunStudy ProgramFP
15MonChill & RelaxGP
16TueGP - TurnerGP
18ThurGP - ChifleyGP
19FriWishfulfilling Jewel (7pm)PJ
21SunStudy ProgramFP
22MonChill & RelaxGP
23TueGP - TurnerGP
25ThurOffering to the Spiritual Guide (11am)PJ
25ThurGP - ChifleyGP
26FriWishfulfilling Jewel (7pm)PJ
28SunMelodious Drum (3pm)PJ
29MonChill & RelaxGP
30TuesGP - TurnerGP